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We share observations, thoughts, and ideas freely with fellow professionals in the learning and development space by presenting and writing.

Learning & Performance Ecosystem

Work is complex.  The amount of information workers need to be successful is getting broader, deeper, and increasingly fluid.  Learning and Development organizations cannot possibly hope to teach everything that's needed.  Learning solutions must be more direct, effective, and instantly available.


A learning and performance ecosystem places people in the center and surrounds them with tools, information, guidance, learning, collaborative networks, and professional development opportunities to help people perform, advance, research, consult, share, and learn.


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Learning Technologies

A growing array of learning platforms provide L&D with more power to inform, teach, support, connect, and engage people any time, any place, and at any scale – small, medium, or massive.


Learning technologies form an alphabet soup with LMS, LXP, LRS, xAPI, cmi5, KMS, PSS, TMS, CMS, LCMS, AI, AR/VR, etc.  Many organizations assemble their learning technology platform from multiple systems, applications, and cloud services.


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Learning Data and Metrics

What questions do your funders want answered?  Do you have the right data to inform your answers?  Multiple learning systems may be collecting disparate sets of data.  How do you bring it all together?


There are three main reasons for collecting learning-related data: continuous improvement, personalization, and evidence of impact.


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