InfoMedia Designs: Solutions for Learning and Performance

InfoMedia Designs applies technology to support human performance.  We provide a wide range of management consulting services to help your learning and development organization advance and innovate. Unlike many consulting firms, we provide only seasoned, senior consultants who work closely with you throughout your project.  We operate as an extension of your organization, becoming fully invested in your goals. We work with you to engage your sponsors and stakeholders, clearly communicate with technology vendors, and build a productive working relationship with your IT organization.


Article IconLocked Out: Bridging the Divide Between Training and Information Technology

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Recorded Webinar IconLearning Infrastructure - A Broader View of Learning and Technology
eLearning Guild Online Forum, Recorded on May 5, 2014

Learning Strategy

InfoMedia Designs works with our customers to surface the top business goals and drivers for the organization, with special consideration to those that are most impacted by human performance. We identify the functions, roles and organizations that are key to the successful attainment of business goals, and determine the learning and performance gaps that need to be addressed. We then provide a comprehensive e-learning strategy that our customers can implement to close learning and performance gaps.


Technology Evaluation, Selection and Implementation

InfoMedia Designs works with our clients to build or enhance their e-learning technology infrastructure. We use a proven process for analyzing your needs, defining and prioritizing your requirements, identifying product candidates, and evaluating and selecting new systems. We help you configure and implement your system, migrate content, and integrate it into your learning and performance ecosystem and enterprise IT infrastructure.  We have deep expertise and extensive experience with LMS, LCMS, KMS, EPSS, CMS, DMS, Search and other technology systems and platforms.

Standards, Processes, and Governance

InfoMedia Designs helps our clients implement e-learning standards, policies, processes and workflows that ensure quality and effectiveness. We create workflow diagrams and documentation that clients can use to streamline work and ensure quality. We help establish and implement a governance structure to sustain the quality of your learning and performance technologies and solutions.

Knowledge Engineering

InfoMedia Designs offers a proven methodology for harvesting critical business knowledge from experts. We work with your experts to identify and capture the implicit knowledge that is most important to your organization, whether it involves processes and work streams, problem diagnosis and rubrics, or the critical considerations for decision making.

The Experience API (xAPI)

The Experience API allows flexible tracking of a virtually unlimited number of learning activities and experiences such as performing work tasks, producing work outputs, interacting with others using social media, achieving milestones in games and simulations, and just about any other activity that one can observe or record.

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